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Take time to focus

Blast from the past! Here’s a fun conversation I had with professional organizer extraordinaire Lorie Marrero several years ago, about an issue that never gets old: how to be more focused. We talked about how the world conspires to keep us scattered, on high-alert for the boss’ next email, and about how we can keep […]

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Women we love: Linda Lehmusvirta

I promise, this isn’t just a shameless ploy to get my garden noticed by “Central Texas Gardener (CTG).” It’s an early valentine to the woman behind my favorite gardening TV show, Linda Lehmusvirta. Linda began producing at KLRU-TV in Austin in 1983; she signed on with CTG six years later. She not only produces but […]

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Finding your focus

Here’s one from the archives. It’s a lively interview about focus that I did last year with Lorie Marrero, organizer-extraordinaire and author of The Clutter Diet. We had a great time talking about focus — what it is, why it’s hard, and how to find it. What a pair we made, the clarity coach and […]

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