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How my coaching client got a 40% raise

My coaching clients inspire me every single day. So when the Jill Abramson story broke, I took to heart the courage and confidence of a young client who recently stood up for her worth. I wrote an Op-Ed piece to share her success story, and the Austin-American Statesman published it this past Sunday. In case […]

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Mika Brzezinski

Salary: 3 Ways to Sabotage Your Raise

There are better and worse ways to open the conversation about your raise. Mika Brzezinski, co-host of “Morning Joe” and author of Knowing Your Value, bravely recalls her own less-than-ideal approach: “I knew I deserved a raise. I knew I needed a raise. But I still felt anxious about asking to be compensated for what […]

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Paycheck Fairness Act Defeated, But We’re Not!

The Republicans may not want you to earn equal pay, but I do! That’s why I created an online e-course for women to learn “How to Get a Raise.” In just eight weeks, one simple step at a time, you’ll learn how to adjust your mindset, do your homework, plan your argument, and present your […]

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Pay Gap, the film

Kate Bryant left her full-time copywriting job with the Martha Stewart empire last September to focus on creating her new film, “The Pay Gap.” The film-in-progress is a character-driven documentary that examines the question: Why do women continue to earn less than men for the same job? Check it out: (Let’s keep in touch! Click […]

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Heide Brandes

Equal Pay: Speak Up for Yourself and Your Posse

Freelance writer Heide Brandes, a leader in the Oklahoma City chapter of Women in Communications, recent published a remarkably detailed and nuanced analysis of the gender pay gap. I was honored to be a featured source. She reminds us that, even if women haven’t previously been trained to ask and negotiate, it’s never too late […]

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Get a Raise Before Equal Pay Day

We’re a month away from Equal Pay Day. On April 17, US women will have worked the extra three and a half months it takes for us to earn what men earned in only a year. I have an idea. What if each of us, before April 17, figured out our true workplace value and […]

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Why I Did It: How To Get A Raise

Thanks for all your good wishes on my new online ad/venture, www.WomenAdvance.com. A number of you have asked: ‘Ann, why did you start off your Weekly Workouts product line with “How to get a raise?’ Fair question. Here are three answers: Because new female college grads earn 17% less than their male counterparts (National Association […]

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For Women Facing 17% Wage Gap, A not-so-Happy Graduation

In case you missed my Op-Ed essay in Tuesday’s Austin American-Statesman, here’s a re-run: After the college graduation ceremonies and celebrations are over, and the photos have been uploaded to Facebook, there comes the inevitable moment of truth. Do I have a job? It’s a tough enough job market for any new grad, but for […]

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How to Get a Raise

Dear Ann, I need your advice about how to start the conversation about getting a raise at work. I was recently reassigned, and that has increased my workload and requires way more of my time. I feel like I am doing more work, and I am not being compensated well. Add to that, I personally […]

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Equal Pay Day: How NOT to get a raise

Equal Pay Day: How NOT to Get a Raise Today is Equal Pay Day. Woo-hoo. On average, women still earn only 77 cents for every dollar men earn working full-time. Not much to celebrate. I received a note from my BFF Melita a while ago, in response to my blogpost on “The Top 10 Unwritten […]

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