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Coaching reminders

Here’s a digest of the daily coaching reminders I shared online this week. (For even more coaching advice, let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter!) Meaning isn’t something you “find.” It’s something you create. Know the difference between attached and curious. A simple, timely apology is usually the best strategy. Repeated apologies prevent us from moving […]

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Women we love: Linda Lehmusvirta

I promise, this isn’t just a shameless ploy to get my garden noticed by “Central Texas Gardener (CTG).” It’s an early valentine to the woman behind my favorite gardening TV show, Linda Lehmusvirta. Linda began producing at KLRU-TV in Austin in 1983; she signed on with CTG six years later. She not only produces but […]

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Gay Edelman | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Gay Edelman

My favorite thing on Facebook comes from Gay Norton Edelman: her “Just for today” posts are loving self-reminders about how to keep present. It’s an intimate experience, how she opens up her own practice for me to share. It’s like we’re back on a coaching call again. Yes, sometimes even a coach needs a coach. […]

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Coaching reminders

Here’s a digest of the daily coaching reminders I shared online this week. (For even more coaching advice, let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter!) It’s easier to resist than to grow. Know the difference between absorption and distraction. If you’re not learning, you’re slipping into irrelevance. Take it one step at a time. What’s your […]

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How my coaching client got a 40% raise

My coaching clients inspire me every single day. So when the Jill Abramson story broke, I took to heart the courage and confidence of a young client who recently stood up for her worth. I wrote an Op-Ed piece to share her success story, and the Austin-American Statesman published it this past Sunday. In case […]

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Susan Post and Gloria Steinem | AnnDaly.com

Save the date: an evening with Susan Post

Join me! For an evening with Susan Post, owner of BookWoman bookstore. Who better to kick off the Power of Women salon series, sponsored by the Women Communicators of Austin? As owner of BookWoman, Austin’s renowned feminist bookstore, Susan Post has worked at the heart of our community for more than 30 years. We’ll talk […]

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TASTE Wine + Art Gallery | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Susan Kirchman

I have an amazing life. There’s not much I can think to change. And yet . . . when I visit Susan Kirchman at her gallery in Johnson City, the fantasies start flying. Susan is a photographer, and co-owner of TASTE Wine+Art with her husband, Warren Vilmaire. What makes the place extra-special to me is […]

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Women We Love: Lady Violet

Women We Love: “Downton Abbey”‘s Lady Violet

They can kill off Sybil, and they can kill off Matthew, but if they kill off Lady Violet, there will be hell to pay. As the materfamilias of “Downton Abbey”’s Grantham clan, Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, is the queen of the bon mot (search “Sh!t the Dowager Countess Says” on YouTube) and a beloved, […]

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extra hour | life coach Ann Daly PhD

What will you do with your extra hour?

This question came through Facebook, from my college BFF, Melita: “What to do when we ‘fall’ back and gain an extra hour?” You know I advise doing “15 minutes of nothing a day.” Come Sunday, when we get our bonus from the ending of Daylight Savings, you can do a whole HOUR of nothing! OK, […]

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Navidad Creek | Ann Daly PhD | coaching women

Women we love: Tami Bone

Where would we be without our artists? They’re the visionaries who give form to the unseen, the unknown, the unthinkable. And they help the rest of us fathom a world beyond our own limited experience. Some artists, like Frida Kahlo, limn their inner lives to invent a remarkably vivid personal folklore. With her black-and-white photographs, […]

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