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Time, me, and Michelangelo

I don’t do resolutions, I do mantras. I compose one for each new year, and I continue to invoke previous ones. Oldies but goodies: “Live and learn.” “One thing at a time.” For 2017, my mantra is “Waste no time.” It’s been an imperative for me ever since my mother died unexpectedly, DOA, at age […]

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Emotions as a way to “radical wellbeing”

I’ve been reading about Deepak Chopra’s new book, titled Super Genes, about what he calls “radical wellbeing.” The book features “the six pillars of wellbeing.” Five of them, yeah, we hear about all the time (diet, stress, exercise, meditation, sleep). The one that caught my attention? Emotions. Our culture packages emotions as the stuff of […]

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Living a life of clarity: my beloved ranch

I can’t imagine life without Dancing Red Ranch. It’s where Ross and I head most weekends to breathe in the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Surrounded by stands of live oak trees, visited by deer and hummingbirds, overlooking a valley and hills beyond, we delight in a spaciousness that helps keep us clear, […]

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Living a life of clarity: my Austin

I love travelling! I love leaving on that jet plane — and then I love to return home. The experience of ‘away’ reminds me how I love the life of clarity I’ve created in Austin. Back in Austin after three weeks in Germany and England, I’m making a list of what I love about my […]

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