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Power to the women

Power is not a dirty word. Power, put most simply, is the ability to make things happen. Don’t you want to make things happen? ‘Power is a positive force if it is used for positive purposes.’ Elizabeth Dole ‘Power is the ability not to have to please.’ Elizabeth Janeway How do you define power? (Am […]

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No longer “the only woman in the room”

What was it like being one of the first two women physics majors at Yale? Eileen Pollack tells-all in her new book, The Only Woman in the Room. Here’s my review, published on Sunday in the Houston Chronicle: ‘The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science is Still a Boys’ Club’ By Eileen Pollack Beacon […]

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For successful women: how to get clear & confident

What do successful women want? They want to feel clear and confident. Life brings pressures and demands (do I really need to list them?) that distract women from their personal ambitions. And then, some women get to a point in life when their ambitions change. I know, from my coaching practice, that women feel their […]

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Why I coach women

Someone asked me the other day: “Why is it important for you to coach women?” Here’s what I answered: It’s important to me to help women because the playing field is still uneven. As far as our culture has come in gender equity, women still face different expectations than men. I love to help women […]

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