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Georgia O'Keeffe | AnnDaly.com

Georgia O’Keeffe’s door

In honor of Women’s History Month, my essay on Georgia O’Keeffe published this month in Houston Woman Magazine. Enjoy! What was there to love about the abandoned house perched over route 84, north of Santa Fe by 53 miles? Its adobe walls were cracked and crumbling, the beams fallen, the doors dangling. Much of the […]

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Isadora Duncan | AnnDaly.com

Isadora Duncan: ambition was her religion

A great topic is inexhaustible! Twenty years after publishing my book on Isadora Duncan, I’m still finding fresh ways to write about the dancer’s extraordinary life and art. In honor of Women’s History Month: From all accounts (and I spent five years researching them), the modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan never, ever doubted that she […]

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Career coach | AnnDaly.com

Are you a woman in balance?

Sadly, it’s still a familiar situation in 2015: When a woman worries about upsetting the apple cart, so to speak, if she dares to ask for something she wants, she is buying into the ages-old “good girl” syndrome. You’ve got to be a good girl, right?, attending to the needs of others rather than your […]

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do you need a life coach | AnnDaly.com

Do you need a coach?

What an honor to be featured in the January issue of Austin Woman Magazine! Journalist and women’s studies graduate student Carrie Gavit did a terrific job explaining the coaching process: Have you stumbled upon a crossroads in life? Are you unsure of what comes next, what changes you need to make to reach your goals […]

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diane von furstenberg | AnnDaly.com

Diane von Furstenberg: the secret to her success

The Woman I Wanted To Be is Diane von Furstenberg’s third book. And this time around, it’s not just about building a brand, it’s about building a legacy: “My goals had shifted. No longer was I striving to be financially independent. I was. I didn’t need to prove that the first time around wasn’t an […]

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diane von furstenberg | AnnDaly.com

Diane von Furstenberg: success begins with clarity

I can’t wait to get my copy of Diane von Furstenberg’s memoir this week. Until then, I’m binge-watching interviews with my favorite fashion legend. The best one goes back a few years, when she talked to gilt.com. DVF is a wise woman, and she keeps it real. She’s learned her life lessons well, and she […]

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Margaret Fuller | AnnDalyWriter.com

Living a complete life

Houston Woman magazine recently published my review essay of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Margaret Fuller: A New American Life by Megan Marshall (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). It’s an inspiring life story! It’s hard to imagine the depths of Margaret Fuller’s despair as she came of age, an intellectual prodigy in the early nineteenth century, […]

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linda lehmusvirta | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Linda Lehmusvirta

I promise, this isn’t just a shameless ploy to get my garden noticed by “Central Texas Gardener (CTG).” It’s an early valentine to the woman behind my favorite gardening TV show, Linda Lehmusvirta. Linda began producing at KLRU-TV in Austin in 1983; she signed on with CTG six years later. She not only produces but […]

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Gay Edelman | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Gay Edelman

My favorite thing on Facebook comes from Gay Norton Edelman: her “Just for today” posts are loving self-reminders about how to keep present. It’s an intimate experience, how she opens up her own practice for me to share. It’s like we’re back on a coaching call again. Yes, sometimes even a coach needs a coach. […]

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