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Ashley Milne-Tyte | WomenAdvance.com

Women we love: Ashley Milne-Tyte

I love to listen to podcasts, but I don’t like how tiresomely male they can be. Last year I called a moratorium (now become a permanent freeze) on entrepreneur podcasts by “dudes” who think they’re cool because they can cuss without being called out by their moms. At the top of my current podcast hit […]

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Susan Post and Gloria Steinem | AnnDaly.com

Save the date: an evening with Susan Post

Join me! For an evening with Susan Post, owner of BookWoman bookstore. Who better to kick off the Power of Women salon series, sponsored by the Women Communicators of Austin? As owner of BookWoman, Austin’s renowned feminist bookstore, Susan Post has worked at the heart of our community for more than 30 years. We’ll talk […]

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TASTE Wine + Art Gallery | AnnDaly.com

Women we love: Susan Kirchman

I have an amazing life. There’s not much I can think to change. And yet . . . when I visit Susan Kirchman at her gallery in Johnson City, the fantasies start flying. Susan is a photographer, and co-owner of TASTE Wine+Art with her husband, Warren Vilmaire. What makes the place extra-special to me is […]

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Women We Love: Lady Violet

Women We Love: “Downton Abbey”‘s Lady Violet

They can kill off Sybil, and they can kill off Matthew, but if they kill off Lady Violet, there will be hell to pay. As the materfamilias of “Downton Abbey”’s Grantham clan, Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, is the queen of the bon mot (search “Sh!t the Dowager Countess Says” on YouTube) and a beloved, […]

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Alice Munro: 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature

An excellent year for women writers

“The Year of the Women Writers.” That’s how Mariella Frostrup, host of BBC 4’s “Open Book” radio program, memorializes 2013. Women swept up most of the Anglo literary awards, with Alice Munro taking pride of place as the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Literature. I loved listening to the smart discussion that Frostrup leads about […]

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Navidad Creek | Ann Daly PhD | coaching women

Women we love: Tami Bone

Where would we be without our artists? They’re the visionaries who give form to the unseen, the unknown, the unthinkable. And they help the rest of us fathom a world beyond our own limited experience. Some artists, like Frida Kahlo, limn their inner lives to invent a remarkably vivid personal folklore. With her black-and-white photographs, […]

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queen latifah | Ann Daly | coaching women

Queen Latifah’s life rules

I am lovin’ Queen Latifah’s five life rules (shared in this month’s More magazine). They fill out her one basic commandment: “Keep it real.” 1.  Family and friends first. 2.  Have faith but leave all your options open. 3.  If you’re in trouble, holler. 4.  Guard your perimeter. (Privacy matters.) 5.  There’s no place like […]

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When Marissa met Ina

Before Marissa Mayer took pride of place at Yahoo, she spent her time at Google doing — among other things — interviews with guest authors like celeb cook Ina Garten. Some seriously good girl talk here. BTW, did you know that Ina worked in the White House doing nuclear energy budget analysis before taking her […]

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Women We Love: Diana Nyad

At 64, on her fifth attempt, Diana Nyad is the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. One hundred ten miles in 53 hours. The achievement is soul-stirring. “I wanted this swim, this endeavor, not to just be the athletic record,” she says. “I wanted it to be a lesson […]

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jane austen bank note

Women We Love: Jane Austen

Jane Austen sure has come a long way! She is now featured on a new 10-pound note by the Bank of England. “Its reasoning was daft,” writes The Economist. “The bank felt its notes would not ‘command respect and legitimacy’ unless one of them featured a woman, apparently forgetting that the queen appears on all […]

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