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Virginia Woolf's writing room, at Monk's House. Photo by Ann Daly

How to Write a Book

“We should have felt it to be not merely wrong, but unpleasant not to work every morning for seven days a week and for about eleven months a year. Every morning, therefore, at about 9:30 after breakfast each of us, as if moved by a law of unquestioned nature, went off and ‘worked’ until lunch […]

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maya angelou

Maya Angelou on Courage

Courage is much on the mind of anyone who’s wanting to grow and change, because leaving your comfort zone requires a healthy dose of the lion’s heart. In fact, I’m often asked by coaching clients, “How do I find the courage?” Maya Angelou gives the perfect answer in her recent interview with the Harvard Business […]

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when in doubt

Happy Birthday, Isadora!

More about Isadora: Duncan’s Memoir: ‘My Life’ (Want to keep in touch? Click here to subscribe to my blog, and you’ll also get the bonus Coaching Starter Kit.)

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Follow Your Desire & Change the World

Have you heard of Kathrine Switzer? I hadn’t, until a coaching client told me how inspired she was after hearing Switzer speak recently. Turns out, we have Switzer to thank for opening up the Boston Marathon to women. Hard to believe, but until 1972, this signature sports event was “for men only.” The thing is, […]

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anne tiedt quote

Women We Love: Anne Tiedt

What’s more irresistible than a smart, creative, stylish woman? It’s no surprise that Anne Lasseigne Tiedt was recently named an “Austin Under 40” finalist (for the second time!). I know Anne as a brilliant professional, tireless community leader, fierce family woman, and sassy gal pal. Anne is co-owner (with Laura Bond Williams) of Momentum Public […]

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all about eve

“All About Eve”: Reinventing Margo Channing

This weekend I netflixed “All About Eve,” the 1950 classic about the rise of an ambitious young actress. Well, actually, it’s about the taming of powerful women and the fate of aging women. It’s a cautionary tale for career women. And it’s a reminder that you’re no woman without a man. Which makes the story […]

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My Mother, the Hausfrau

I often tell my audiences that I am the daughter of an engineer. And this is true. But it is only half true. I am also the daughter of a hausfrau. A hausfrau. That’s how my mother described herself in an oral history interview we did when I was in graduate school. It’s German for […]

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laura gibson

SUCCESS: Lessons from Houston’s Most Influential Women

Consider what Houston’s most influential women have to say about success. Houston Woman Magazine features 50 of Houston’s best and brightest in its current issue: “The three most important factors in achieving success are passion, confidence and action. A goal is nothing more than a dream with a deadline.” Laura Gibson, Partner, Ogden, Gibson, Broocks, […]

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sonia sotomayor.jpg

Sonia Sotomayor: Clarity and Focus

When I left my position as a magazine editor in New York City to come to teach at The University of Texas, my publisher told me that I was the most focused person she knew. Her comment gave me pause. I had noticed that most of my colleagues spent the day chatting and then had […]

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Thumbnail image for arianna huffington.jpg

Arianna Huffington: Why You Need to Fail

Arianna Huffington does a masterful job of reframing failure in the February issue of Inc. magazine. The co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post recalls: “My mother used to call failure a stepping-stone to success, as opposed to the opposite of success. When you frame failure that way, it changes dramatically what you’re willing to […]

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