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sissy farenthold

Who is that Sissy Farenthold?

Who Is That Sissy Farenthold? Have you ever heard of Sissy Farenthold–The Honorable Frances Tarlton Farenthold? I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t until this February, when she received the 2010 Pathfinder Award from Texas Women Lawyers for helping open the door for women’s leadership in the American political system. A Corpus Christi native, Farenthold […]

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arianna huffington.jpg

What I Learned from Arianna Huffington

What I Learned from Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington took as big a public Do-Over! as you can imagine. In 1996, she left the Republican party to become one of the country’s leading liberal voices. After attending her studio interview with Texas Monthly Talks on Monday, I took another look at Huffington’s 2006 book, On Becoming […]

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nancy pelosi

What I Learned from Nancy Pelosi

What I Learned from Nancy Pelosi NOTE: This post is not about politics. This post is about professional self-presentation. I was stunned the other day when I saw in the news that Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi had turned 70 years old. Seventy! And arguably one of the most powerful women in […]

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catalyst logo

Which Companies Are Advancing Women?

Which Companies Are Advancing Women? If you’re looking to join a new company, check out this year’s winners of the Catalyst Award, awarded today in New York City: Campbell Soup Company, for its “Winning in the Workplace, Winning the Marketplace, Winning With Women” initiative Deloitte LLP, for “The Women’s Initiative: Living the Lattice” RBC, for […]

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grace and lesley

The Littlest Activist

The Littlest Activist Tonight I attended a celebration of Women’s History Month hosted by the Austin Commission for Women. The three speakers, representing activism across generations, were impressive, reminding us how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. Teen pregnancy, social justice, and reproductive health are just three of the issues […]

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feminism is my bag

Feminism is my Bag

Good morning, my name is Ann, and I’m a bag-aholic. It’s likely the only thing about me that my husband will never understand. He says, “Who needs more than one bag?” I do! So let me tell you about my latest bag. It’s one of those cute little Baggu numbers–a reusable, nylon shoulder bag that […]

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bigelow & streisand

Austin, Kathryn Bigelow, and International Women’s Day

Austin, Kathryn Bigelow, and International Women’s Day I’m still basking in the reflected glory of “Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow’s unprecedented win as Best Director last night. Seated right in front of her ex-husband, favored heavy hitter James Cameron (“Avatar”), she swept away the evening’s biggest Oscars, including Best Picture. Success is sweet. When Barbara […]

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ally mcbeal

That Darned “Woman Problem”

That Darned “Woman Problem” One of my smart, successful lawyer friends forwarded me a recent report from Above the Law: A Legal Tabloid. An uber-articulate big-law partner, all she could manage to write: “absolutely incredible!” It seems that the New York State Bar Association was offering a double-header of conference panels to help women lawyers […]

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What Would Julia Do?

What Would Julia Do? I’ve been mumbling this mantra lately, and today I came across the perfect greeting card to share the sentiment. It’s produced by Cara Scissoria, out of Los Angeles. Artist Catherine McNight has designed a really smart and fun collection of collages that offer a twist on iconic images, many of them […]

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Who You Calling ‘Ma’am’?

Who You Calling ‘Ma’am’? “Is anyone using this chair, ma’am?” He was a tall, lanky young man, one of several about to sit down, as I had, to eat a quick pizza before heading to the gate for boarding. He was making sure that his buddy would have a seat at their table, and he […]

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