Take time to focus

Career coach | AnnDaly.comBlast from the past! Here’s a fun conversation I had with professional organizer extraordinaire Lorie Marrero several years ago, about an issue that never gets old: how to be more focused.

We talked about how the world conspires to keep us scattered, on high-alert for the boss’ next email, and about how we can keep from letting the world — and ourselves — interrupt the important stuff.

Step one from my book Clarity: How to Do What Matters Most is: do nothing for 15 minutes a day. It’s a hard habit to get going, and requires initial discipline, but it provides each day with a time and space to come back to your center. This grounding is the solid base from which we best work and love and create.

Focus is the intentional direction of your mind. Literally, where do you turn your attention? The goal is to lower the amount of stimuli begging for our attention (Lorie will tell you how to turn off those unwanted email alerts!) and to respond more selectively. How and how much we respond to the onslaught of constant connectivity is, at bottom, a choice.

Here’s the full conversation, complete with both our strategies for refusing distractions:

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