Choose the ‘Clarify’ Action

ButteSeasonalColor.jpgHere’s a note I received from travel writer/photographer extraordinnaire Beth Schrader. It’s a great description of clarity:

I’ve been working on my backlog of photos: cropping, getting rid of red eyes, lightening dark scenes.

But the action I use the most is ‘Clarify.’

The help system for this software says: ‘Use the Clarify command to give your images a crisp, focused look so objects stand out. This command adds a sense of depth and clarity to the image. It can make hazy, foggy, or slightly out of focus images look clearer.’ And it does. Almost every photo looks better after the Clarify process.

Ann, this is exactly what you do for us!

Read Beth’s latest travel article, on San Diego, in AustinWoman magazine.

Photo by Beth Schrader.

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