Thanksgiving gratitude

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It’s hard to see, but I am standing next to a door (in Charleston) that says “Clarify”!

I am feeling especially grateful this year. How about you?

Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance, and I am fortunate to wake up every day of the year surrounded by an abundance of love and friendship and beauty.

I am grateful for my parents, gone too soon, and for Ross, my husband of very nearly 15 years. (Especially grateful for my do-over! marriage.) I am grateful for the natural world, how it graces us mere mortals with delight and nourishment. I am grateful for what I too often take for granted: indoor plumbing and heat/AC, illumination wherever I point a lamp, more than enough food, and plentiful hot water. (My father reminded me often: All you really need is food, clothing, and shelter.) I am grateful for human imagination and the art it has produced for all of us to enjoy. And I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.

May we all remember to be kind.

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