The only 3 questions you need

coaching for women | AnnDaly.comIt’s still January, and I’m still thinking about the new year, new goals, new intentions. How do we organize our hopes and dreams into an achievable form?

When I was teaching at UT-Austin, I usually distributed a mid-semester course evaluation, which I stole from a professor of mine, who borrowed it from her brother, also a professor. It consisted of three questions, and only three questions.

It’s such a concise, focused, simple, comprehesive assessment that I still use it as a life tool, for myself and for my coaching clients. It’s genius:

  1.  What shall I continue doing?
  2.  What shall I begin doing?
  3.  What shall I stop doing?

Absolutely everything is captured in these three questions. Use them as a tool for life’s big questions, or for micro situations. It’s never failed me.

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