The Roads Not Traveled

lillian j hunterHave you ever wondered about the other life choices that you didn’t make? About what your life might look like now? Guest blogger Lillian J. Hunter’s new book, What If I Had Taken The Roads Not Traveled, considers these questions as she revisits her life’s journey. Poignant and philosophical, Hunter considers family and romance, friendship and career. I especially like her concluding thoughts:

“For the past few years the question has been haunting me ‘Where Do I Go From Here?’ In finding an ‘answer’ I felt compelled–driven–to look down every road not taken–lost loves, lost careers, lost jobs, lost friendships, lost opportunities, lost adventures. I guess I thought that reviewing my past choices and mistakes would help me chart a better path for the future–what little there is left. In fact, I started on a journey down some of those roads–only in my mind of course. I discovered there was some value in looking back and trying to find out why I made a particular choice. But, once I passed that point in my travels on ‘the road not taken’ the journey was of little or not value. [ . . . ]

Instead I began a journey down the roads I have taken. They are lined with real events and real outcomes. I came to realize that dwelling on the roads not taken was just a diversion or distraction from the real task at hand–coming to terms with the roads I have taken in all their glory, all their pain and all their disappointment. [ . . . ]

I feel as if I have arrived finally at a place that I love–physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. (It is still a challenge to maintain that balance.) How do I want to spend the remainder of my years? They are very limited in number and I do not want to squander them. What have I acquired along this journey? I have acquired courage and freedom. The freedom was always there I am sure but I lacked the courage to exercise it until I reached this point in my life.”



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