The Littlest Activist

grace and lesleyThe Littlest Activist

Tonight I attended a celebration of Women’s History Month hosted by the Austin Commission for Women. The three speakers, representing activism across generations, were impressive, reminding us how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. Teen pregnancy, social justice, and reproductive health are just three of the issues that were discussed by GENaustin executive director Julia Cuba, Latina historian Martha Cotera, and political strategist Laurie Felker Jones.

But I must admit that I was most enchanted by the littlest activist in the room: seven-year-old Grace Guthrie, daughter of Lesley Guthrie, executive director of the Governor’s Commission for Women. (Mom and daughter pictured above.) Grace took very seriously the call to contribute to the board where we posted our hopes for women of the future. She began with “Hope,” “Faith,” and “Love,” and kept working through to “independence,” “equal rights,” and “good choices.”

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