The Secret to Hiring the Right Coach

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday to talk and for your listening, reflection, and sharing. Already I feel that I’ve gained value. I appreciate your knowledge of my work landscape and appreciate your guiding recommendations to light the path. I do want to work together. After talking with you I felt a renewed sense of possibility.”

That’s what a new client wrote to me last week, and I was reminded of the advice a friend once gave me. When I was searching for a post-divorce therapist, I asked my friend Dusty–herself a therapist–what I should look for in an initial session. How would I know if the therapist was offering me value? Dusty’s response was immediate: “You should get at least one fresh way of thinking about your situation.”

And that’s the one thing you should get from your first conversation with a coach, too. If you don’t, keep looking. Reputable coaches won’t charge you for an informational consultation.

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