There is no perfect

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“In golf, there is no perfect. there’s always a challenge to work toward.” — Lydia Ko

The best thing about maturity, as far as I’m concerned, is letting go of unrealistic expectations. The ones that others have of us, and the ones we have of ourselves.

Perfectionism is the most insidious of all unrealistic expectations. It’s debilitating. But it’s also a choice, not to mention counterproductive. Far from being noble, invoking the fantastical “perfect” becomes an excuse not to aim, to try, to commit.

That’s what uber-athletes like Lydia Ko know. There is no “perfect” stillpoint. Life is perpetual, and the object of the game is continuous improvement. What’s the next challenge? Where can I get better, go deeper? What am I capable of? It’s up to me to keep seeking new horizons and working toward them. Keep moving. Do the work. Love the challenge.


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