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Thoughtful + intentional = confidence

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and not just for Shakespeare. Saying farewell at the conclusion of a successful coaching engagement means that one more woman is owning her power and building the life or career of her dreams. That’s reason to rejoice! But, as I did this morning with “Moira,” it also means saying good-bye to someone I’ve grown quite fond of, and attached to. I’ll miss our weekly conversations, witnessing a smart and ambitious woman thoughtfully creating a life for herself and her family. Moira, an entrepreneur, is wise beyond her years, and here are the top-10 things she takes away from coaching:

  1. Set sequential goals and think sequentially. Always have a goal.
  2. Identify what my resources are and how to optimize and leverage them.
  3. Let go of ego.
  4. Connect the task at hand to the big picture. Be intentional.
  5. Is it mission critical? Is this okay getting a C grade? What has to be let go?
  6. No one does it by herself. Allow my husband to be part of the decision process. This is 50% his business.
  7. Do not spend energy on anything that isn’t beneficial for my family or business. (This is a BIG one for me).
  8. Say ‘no’ and be okay with it. It’s time to let go of pleasing people. Stop apologizing.
  9. Thoughtful + intentional = confidence. I will be prepared to open the doors. This includes a mindful business strategy: what kind of agency do I want to have? Who do I want to market to? How do I want to position myself in the community?
  10. Have a quarterly life review with my husband. Marriage review includes business and family strategy.

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