What will you do with your extra hour?

extra hour | life coach Ann Daly PhDThis question came through Facebook, from my college BFF, Melita: “What to do when we ‘fall’ back and gain an extra hour?” You know I advise doing “15 minutes of nothing a day.” Come Sunday, when we get our bonus from the ending of Daylight Savings, you can do a whole HOUR of nothing! OK, if you’re looking for something a bit more creative, let’s say, here are my top 10 ideas for cherishing that extra hour:

1.  Watch the sunrise.

2.  (or) Sleep in.

3.  Phone a faraway relative who’d appreciate a little conversation.

4.  Visit your local independent bookstore.

5.  Arrange a bouquet of flowers.

6.  Take up (or sit down to) that instrument you’ve been neglecting.

7. Edit the photos from your summer vacation.

8. Play a board game. The cardboard kind.

9. Go watch the wildlife in your backyard, or neighborhood park. It’s there, you may just have to focus…

10. As for Melita, she’s going to winterize the roses.

Tell me, how will you enjoy your extra hour?


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