What you can learn in coaching

move from fear to confidence | Ann Daly PhDDo you ever wonder what kinds of things you’ll learn in coaching? Eleanor, one of my rising-star clients, agreed to share her top-10 list:

I learned to:

1.  relate criticism to my skills, not my self.

2.  let go, because there is no such thing as perfection.

3.  see that my career can be a lattice, rather than a ladder.

4.  understand that confidence doesn’t come from my ego; it comes from being useful to a team.

5.  value soft/smart power as well as hard power.

6.  make preparation a high priority in my new role.

7.  ask for clarification, when needed.

8.  see that what appears as confidence is as much about appearance and perception as it as about ability.

9.  focus on what didn’t work, rather than on “failure.”

10.  ask for feedback, because it’s essential for growth and development.

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