What if . . . ?

successWhat if . . . ?

Lisa is a vibrant woman, a transplant to Austin and a talented photographer. She came to Saturday’s mini-retreat wanting to jumpstart a career Do-Over! In between jobs, Lisa is toying with the notion of following her flutters for entrepreneurship. She can visualize herself as a successful business owner, involved in and giving back to her community. But at 38, Lisa struggles with her received ideas about “success.” All around her she thinks she sees women who “have it all” with seeming ease. Is that, she wonders, what she is supposed to be doing?

So when Lisa shared with the group what she wrote in response to our “What if . . . ?” sentence completion exercise, we were blown away by the power of her clarity:

“What if . . . I took action on every crazy thought or idea that enters my mind? I know that any action is better than no action. Would that bring confidence? Or tired exhaustion? By nature, I am a ‘what the hell . . . let’s find out and see’ kind of person, but it fights with my ‘it’s got to be perfect’ mentality.”

Try this exercise for yourself. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen (this is lo-tech) and write “What if?” at the top of the page. Finish that sentence in as many ways as fills the page. Keep your hand moving. Don’t over-think it, just see what comes up. You may surprise yourself, and find some clarity in the process.

photo by orvalrochefort

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