Will executive coaching really get you results?

Successful women | AnnDaly.comLast time, I summarized  Deborah Galuk’s doctoral dissertation research (“Executive Coaching: What is the experience like for executive women?,” University of Minnesota, 2009) about the executive coaching process for women. This time, I want to outline her findings about coaching outcomes. In other words: what’s the upside?

Of course, every woman comes to executive coaching with a unique agenda. The results of executive coaching, according to Galuk’s informants, come in four general areas:

  1. Interpersonal effectiveness. After coaching, women reported a more authentic voice and more effective interactions.
  2. Work/life balance. Participants understood that a more balanced allocation of time for personal and professional life required constant focus.
  3. Working with my boss. Coaching offered women successful strategies for working with their supervisors.
  4. Gender dynamics. A majority of women addressed issues of how to deal with disrespect, lack of mentorship, and the credibility challenge.

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