Women we love: Ashley Milne-Tyte

Ashley Milne-Tyte | WomenAdvance.comI love to listen to podcasts, but I don’t like how tiresomely male they can be. Last year I called a moratorium (now become a permanent freeze) on entrepreneur podcasts by “dudes” who think they’re cool because they can cuss without being called out by their moms.

At the top of my current podcast hit parade: “The Broad Experience,” hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte. She reminds me how pleasurable it is to listen to smart women discussing important issues — especially the important gender issues ignored by mass media. Milne-Tyte, a writer and public radio reporter, focuses the podcast on women and the workplace.

And she does it absolutely professionally, public-radio style, elegantly knitting together interviews with topic experts. At 35 episodes, she’s covered everything from women’s relationship with ambition and power, professional women and sex, how race can play out for women at work, and women’s relationship with guilt.

The podcast is gaining attention, and praise. Last month The Guardian included it on their top-10 podcast (beyond the obvious) list, describing it as “both insightful and business-like.”

After hearing Ashley’s soft semi-British accent in my ears for some time now, I wanted to learn more about her. Here’s what’s behind-the-scenes at “The Broad Experience”:

Best advice received  Some years ago, I was given an assignment by my then-editor. I felt like it was kind of a dumb story without much substance, and I made it clear I wasn’t sure I could do a good job. The following day, after I’d filed the story (which turned out fine), I got a call from my editor. She told me never to let anyone else know when I wasn’t confident about some aspect of the job, because it would affect other people’s confidence in me. They wouldn’t assign me good work. It was the best advice I could have received, because I was naturally under-confident. I was not really aware of the extent to which I was letting that show and how that was affecting others’ perceptions of me.

Can’t-resist indulgence  Red wine.

Most recent accomplishment  Every time I complete and release a new show, it’s an accomplishment, as I do absolutely every aspect of production myself – so I’ll say releasing my last show!

Hardest lesson learned  Perhaps it’s been that, when you work for a company, hard work isn’t enough to get where you want to be. You can’t assume you’ll be rewarded for beavering away. You won’t. You have to talk yourself up, play politics – it’s not easy for a lot of women to do this, but you won’t get noticed unless you make a bit of noise.

Top tip for keeping focused  Shut down email and all social media.

Sure-fire energy boost  Plenty of sleep.

You won’t get noticed unless you make a bit of noise.

Life’s ambition  When I was a child, it was to be an actress. Now I just want to keep creating interesting audio that can help listeners think differently about life and work, and have a positive influence on their lives.

Secret to success  This comes from my perspective as a media entrepreneur — someone who is trying to let the world know about her product. Keep working hard (and letting people know about your accomplishments, of course), but don’t expect success to come overnight. You have to keep plugging away and making an effort. Resist the temptation to expect things to fall in your lap.

Most-used productivity app  An actual to-do list – on paper – from which I cross things off. Very satisfying.

Next big goal  To grow my show’s listenership to 5,000 people.

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