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Tami Bone | Ann Daly PhD | coaching women

Photographer Tami Bone

Where would we be without our artists? They’re the visionaries who give form to the unseen, the unknown, the unthinkable. And they help the rest of us fathom a world beyond our own limited experience. Some artists, like Frida Kahlo, limn their inner lives to invent a remarkably vivid personal folklore.

With her black-and-white photographs, Tami Bone has created a world she calls “Mythos.” It’s an innocent world where children and sweet creatures encounter forest, creek, and stars. It’s a floating world untethered by gravity and ungoverned by fact.

Forged out of her childhood in deep South Texas, Tami’s photographs are like waking from a dream that feels painfully real but whose storyline you can’t quite remember, or parse. The narrative escapes (it morphs, it dims, it slips), and you’re left saturated with the deepest nameless emotion.

Navidad Creek | Ann Daly PhD | coaching women

‘Navidad Creek’ by Tami Bone

Tami lays bare a twilight consciousness. “I look for what is honest and real,” she says, “what moves my soul before my mind is aware.” And what seems so fragile ends up being the most enduring.

More to know and admire about Tami:

Favorite quote  “As women, we need to be willing to grow up, to be disillusioned, to take responsibility for ourselves, and to get to the place of standing in our own truths. And then we need to move on and do some good in the world.”  —  Janet Davis (spiritual director, writer, and speaker)

Best advice received  When I shared with a well-known artist my concern about what to reveal and what not to reveal in my artist statement, she looked straight at me and said: “Just tell your story.”

Can’t-resist indulgence  Good Indie films, intimate dinners with friends, flea markets.

Most recent accomplishment  The exhibit of my work at Photo Methode Gallery (Austin, TX.)

Hardest lesson learned  I have a tendency to say “yes” too quickly, especially when it comes to other people’s causes. As an artist, there is always a cause needing art work. This is all well and good but needs to be filtered down to what is also important to me. I’m getting much better at this, but I still slip up!

Top tip for keeping focused  Simplify — and this applies to everything.

Most prized possession  My kids laugh at me over this, because I’ve always said that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it surely has in the case of my car, which is a Mini Cooper. That car makes me very happy!

Sure-fire energy boost  Hands down, time alone.

Life’s ambition  To make art that is meaningful and hopeful.

Most-used productivity app  Evernote. I use it as a catchall for almost everything.

(You can view Tami’s photographs at the Photo Methode Gallery, 2830 East MLK Jr. Blvd, Austin, TX, through October 31.)

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