10 Ways to Give Away Your Power

we can do it10 Ways to Give Away Your Power

Y’all know I call what I do “clarity coaching,” but really it’s about the power that clarity brings. It’s about a woman wanting to feel able to do, be, or get what she wants in life. That ability is power.

Unfortunately, there are so many ways that we simply give away our power. If you want to feel more powerful, start with this list. Anything ring true for you? Then start there to take back your power.

  1. Worry about disappointing everyone else but yourself.
  2. Expect someone else to make it better, right, or fair.
  3. Let anger be your guide.
  4. Fail to prepare, research, or do due diligence.
  5. Let “should” be your guide.
  6. Depend exclusively on emotion to make decisions.
  7. Ignore your intuition.
  8. Avoid conflict at all costs.
  9. Ask everyone else what they think.
  10. Look backward, instead of forward.

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